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Versatile Ductwork Options

Ensure the success of your job with the sheet metal fabrication from Texas Duct Systems, L.L.C., in Houston, Texas. We're a custom manufacturer of sheet metal, spiral, and fiberglass ductwork built to your specifications and to meet or exceed SMACNA standards. You'll get firm quotations, efficient job scheduling, and the option of various stages of fabrication to lower your costs. You can choose from a variety of ductwork styles depending on the specific needs of your project.

Rectangular Duct
Rectangular ductwork can be galvanized, paint grip, 16-gauge black, stainless (304 or 316), or aluminum, depending on what your project calls for. Ductwork can be produced flat, "L" style, or fully assembled.

As a custom fabricator of spiral duct and accessories, we can meet your specific job requirements. In addition to in-stock pipe and fittings, we also fabricate specialty fittings, as well as pipe, in lengths up to 20'. Internally insulated spiral R-6 and R-4, as well as double wall, are available.


Fiberglass ductwork is custom fabricated with R-4, R-6, or R-8 duct board per your job requirements. Straight duct and fittings can be produced at various levels of completion from flat to fully assembled and sectionalized.


As a distributor for Johns Manville, we offer " 1/2 through 2" internal insulation. External wrap insulation is available from 1 1/2 - through 3". 


From the unit to the grill, we strive to be your one-stop duct provider. We carry UL-approved duct sealants and tape, R-6 flexible duct, starting collars, reinforcing materials, hangers, access doors, fasteners, snap-lock pipe, and hand tools. We offer products from the following manufacturers:

• Carlisle Coatings™
• Johns Manville™
• Amcraft Inc.™

• Enderes Tool Company™
• Gripple™
• Fasson™

Owens Corning
Enderes Tool Company

• Atco™
• Avery-Dennison™
• DuroDyne™
• Everhard Company™

• Fantech Ductmate™
• Kirk & Blum Manufacturing™